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Studies on photocatalytic decontamination of toxic chemicals and micro-organisms using nanomaterials

Ramacharyulu V R K Peesapati, G.K. Prasad, K. Dwivedi


Objective of this study was to develop an advanced sorbent decontamination system for the cleansing of surfaces contaminated with chemical, and biological warfare agents. This study employs conventional energy sources like natural sunlight, and a nontoxic solid based on nano titania. The catalyst is intended to be sprayed on the contaminated surfaces, which adsorbs toxic chemicals due to higher surface area. After adsorption, the toxic chemical undergoes photocatalytic degradation on the surface of nano titiania in the presence of ecological sunlight and was degraded into non-toxic products. Resultant sorbent is wiped off to obtain cleaned surfaces.


Photocatalysis; Decontamination

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