closed loop speed control for wind turbine

Development of suitable closed loop system for effective wind power control using different ZSC topologies and different switching techniques

Pravin Ratanlal Choube, Vikas Kumar Aharwal


The use of wind energy, a significant renewable energy source, has been expanding quickly in recent decades on a global scale. Higher standards for the power output and dependability of generators and converters are necessary due to the rising capacity of both onshore and offshore wind power generation. Multiphase wind power generation systems have clear advantages over traditional three-phase wind power generation systems in low-voltage, high-power operation, improved fault-tolerant, and increased degrees of control freedom, which help them gain more and more traction in the field of contemporary wind power generation. This paper provides an overview of the multiphase energy conversion of wind power generation and introduces relevant technological advancements, such as the multiphase converter topologies, modelling, and control of multiphase generators. This paper will provide an overview of DC-AC and AC-AC ZSCs, as well as the case for their application as wind power converters in a variety of topologies. This work suggests a novel direct torque control space vector modulation (DTC-SVM) based closed loop speed control of an induction motor supplied by a high-performance Z-source inverter (ZSI).


Wind Power Control; Closed Loop Control; Z-Source Converter; Switching Techniques; Space Vector Modulation

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