red algae cytoplasmic components

Cytoplasmic metabolites study of Vegetative and Reproductive structures of Solieria robusta

Indu Nashier Gahlawat


Solieria robusta exhibits triphasic isomorphic alternation of generation. The plants of the male, female and tetrasporphytes are terete with erect lateral branches that show attenuation at their bases.  The thallus is differentiated into cortex and medulla. Spermatangial mother cell and spermatangial cytoplasm stain moderately for sulphated and carboxylated polysaccharides whereas mature tetrasporangia, tetraspores, and carpospores are rich in sulphated polysaccharides. The tetrasporangial cytoplasm like carposporangial cytoplasm show fibrous vesicles, chloroplast, mitochondria and floridean starch grains. A thick electron transparent mucilaginous sheath covers the tetrasporangial wall whereas carposporangial wall is 3 to 5 layered. The carpospores and tetraspores are replete with floridean starch grains which are of various shapes and size. Solieria robusta  (Greville) Kylin shows regeneration.


Red Algae; Histochemistry; Metabolites; Seaweed; Regeneration; Life cycle;

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