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Use of products developed from potato flour, defatted soy flour and corn flour in combating malnutrition

Poonam Lakra, Salil Sehgal, Indu Nashier Gahlawat, Manisha Wadhwa Nee Dabas


A technique for the development of potato flour was standardised. Five products-cake, biscuit,weaning ,food , panjiri and ladoo were formulated using potato flour, defatted soy flour and corn flour. Baking and roasting were the processing techniques used for the development of the products. Protein, ash and fat contents of potato flour were almost similar to the raw potatoes indicating no change in macronutrients on processing. Significant differences in protein, ash and fat contents of all the developed products were observed due to their compositional differences. All the developed products were organoleptically acceptable and had good shelf life. They could be instrumental in raising the nutritional status of masses.


Potato flour; Baking; Roasting; Nutritional status

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