biodiversity loss

Anthropogenic activities led impact on Biodiversity and need of proactive endeavours towards sustainable ecosystems through life diversity conservation

Preeti Vohra, Indu Nashier Gahlawat


Ecosystems continue to be impacted by human activities, there is a need to address the benefits of biodiversity and take steps to prevent from harming the biodiversity permanently. The increasing rapid growth of human population has led to the exploitation of Earths biological diversity in an unsustainable manner. This has made a lot of changes come through, like a shift in the climate, acidification of the ocean and various anthropogenic activities (environmental impacts). We must hold this as a point, that effective conservation of biodiversity is critical for human survival and continuity of ecosystems processes. However, some conservational advances and growth in public as well as government interest in sustainability of biodiversity is still on the low side. Conservation approaches need to be implemented along with broader institutional and societal transformations enabled more effective implementation of the policy. Moreover, conservation should clearly be proactive and ongoing, to as far an extent that is possible. Climate change is bound to become one of the outcomes of the recent human activities and poses a deep threat to Biodiversity. This paper entails the study of protected areas in terms of geopolitical and habitat coverage, considers the numbers as a global indicator of conservation standards. Protected areas, their role in preservation of biodiversity and quality control in these areas are discussed. Ex-situ and in-situ conservation methodologies are taken into consideration.


Environment; Biodiversity; Ecosystem; Protection; Scenario; Climate Change

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