graphene fundamentals

Graphene - properties, production and rising applications: A review

Srishti Dehmiwal, Meemansha Bahuguna


Out of all the 2D materials discovered until now, Graphene has been the hot topic to date. Graphene is a two dimensional-sp2 bonded, single-layer membrane of a carbon atom tightly bonded in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. The layers of graphene are piled up to form graphite. The single layers of graphene are held together by weak Vander Waal forces in graphite, which are then separated by exfoliation of graphene from graphite. Graphene has marvelous electrical, mechanical, and optical properties which makes it suitable for use in many modern technologies towards an excellent replacement to the other materials used by the industries. The remarkable properties and nature of graphene made it a very promising material for the future. This review discusses about fundamentals of graphene, properties that makes graphene an extraordinary material and its vast number of applications


Chemical Vapour Deposition; Graphene oxide; Indium Tin Oxide; Field Effect Transistors; Personal Protective Equipment

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ISSN 2394-0867