DC-DC Converter

Optimizing the performance of Triple Input DC-DC converter in an Integrated System

Chirag Gupta, Vikas Kumar Aharwal


Power electronic converters are absolutely necessary for the notion of a hybrid energy system to integrate hybrid energy sources (HES). In this paper, a triple input DC-DC converter with buck-boost operating ability is presented. Multiple energy sources with various I-V characteristics can be integrated using the converter. Using the voltage-second concept, the output equation of the converter is determined from various operational conditions. The MATLAB / SIMULINK software was used to develop and simulate this converter topology. For the purpose of assessing the performance of the converter three different input sources with various voltage levels of 40 V, 30 V, and 16 V are used. Additionally, the adeptness profile of the proposed converter under different loading conditions has been examined, and this analysis demonstrates clearly that the converter under discussion has a high level of efficiency.


Multi input Converter; DC-DC Converter; HES; MATLAB; Simulink

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