microstrip patch antenna

Multiband frequency switchable Microstrip antenna design for satellite application

Keshav Dutt, Dharmanshu Singh Sodha


This article illustrates a novel PIN diode-based small microstrip multiband reconfigurable antenna design. Three frequencies, 4.85GHz, 10.04GHz, and 15.09GHz, are resonant with the proposed design. These bands cover the roughly equivalent C band (4-8GHz), X band (8-12GHz), and Ku band (12-18GHz) microwave frequency bands. The PIN diodes are then added to this antenna to enable reconfigurability. A novel reconfigurability technique is put forth to address the difficulties associated with multiband operation. In close proximity to the microstrip line, the three pin diodes are sorted to ground with parasitic for each of the three bands. The parasitic element is connected to a particular PIN diode microstrip line that, when turned ON, for single frequency band. The scattering parameters loss plots analyzed with far field radiation pattern along with smith chart.


PIN diodes; C-band; X-band; Ku-band; frequency Switchable; antenna design; circular antenna;

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