reuse of concrete

An empirical research on modified concrete using demolition construction waste as partial substitutes of fine aggregates

Sachin Sharma, Priyanka Pandey, Rakesh Bhandari, Abhay M Shende


Nowadays, Demolition construction waste is in very high demand in the market and is also useful to improve the higher strength of designed ecofriendly concrete compared to Conventional Concrete. Natural sand and fine aggregate supplies are diminishing in the market as a result of large major building and the desire to minimize the cost of concrete production by using demolition construction waste as a substitute of fine aggregates in the modified green concrete. The utilization of demolition construction wastes as fine aggregate in concrete would also be beneficial in economic impact and also maintain the environment. The durability and mechanical properties of modified concrete are improved. Various Grade of mix design of concrete as per (IS 10262:2009) can give better results with demolition construction waste as replacement of fine aggregates at age of 28 days curing periods. From the various literature review, here various results obtained it is suggested that demolition construction waste with a replacement level of up to 20% can be used as a fine aggregate for improvement of modified concrete.


Concrete; Demolition Construction Waste; Fine Aggregates; Compressive Strength;

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