trans fatty acids

Trans Fatty Acids: Sources, associated medical ailments and their alternatives - A recent advances review

Poonam Lakra, Indu Nashier Gahlawat, Manisha Wadhwa


Trans fatty acids finds extensive usage in the food industry. The vegetable ghee or Vanaspati obtained from partial hydrogenation of vegetable oil is primary source of trans fats. The trans fats are also naturally found in small amounts in dairy and meat products. The trans fats possess selected good functional properties like higher melting point and longer shelf life, but their use has been associated with a number of health issues like cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and allergy. Other adverse effects include increase in the total and LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol values which further aggravates atherosclerosis. Several efforts have been initiated at national and international level to reduce the consumption of trans fats. In the Indian scenario, a multisectoral proactive approach at the production and consumer level is required to eliminate trans fats from the food supply.


trans fatty acids; cholesterol; atherosclerosis; inflammation; diabetes; vanaspati

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