drug resistance

The mechanisms, impacts, and stewardship approaches for antibiotic resistance in the current context: A review

Reena Kumari, Monika Joon


Since their discovery, antibiotics have played a revolutionary role in the prevention of casualties caused by pathogenic microbes. However, the defensive strategies applied by microbes coupled with their genomic plasticity have resulted in a grave threat to the living world in the form of antibiotic resistance. In this review, we recapitulate the basics about antibiotic action, the emergence of resistance and the potential remedial measures to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance through the case study Enterococci. Overexploitation, improper disposal, and mismanagement of antibiotics have led to various degrees of resistance in harmful microbes which have eventually led to adverse impacts on the health and economic infrastructure. Here we discuss the role of antibiotic stewardship in controlling and tackling the imminent impacts of antibiotic resistance.


Antibiotic resistance; stewardship; antibiotic targets; antibacterial; antimicrobial;

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ISSN: 2394-2274  Journal of Biomedical and Therapeutic Sciences - International journal for Biomedical Research and Clinical studies advances