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Biomolecular interaction simulation of supramolecular topologies of organometallic assemblies of Bi(V) with antibiotic Tetracycline Amoxicillin drugs and their experimental activities evaluation

Rajiv Kumar, Kiran K Gulia, Mina M Chandra, Anil K Aggarwal, Anil Kumar, Sandeep Mittan, Parashuram Mishra


Antibiotic drugs i.e. tetracycline and amoxicillin, were used mixed ligands (ML), for designing, architecturing, tailoring and synthesis for synthesis of supramolecular topologies of organometallic assemblies of Bi(V), represented as OMCs-Bi(V), having O5 set for bonding. Molecular models were proposed as a standard to judge specific interactions in topologies of molecules of ML and derived organometallic assemblies. In OMCs-Bi(V), on chelation, polarity of Bi(V) get reduced to great extent due to overlap of ML orbital. As a result, delocalization of π-electrons density clouds get spread over the surface of chelating ring and enhances penetration power of OMCs-Bi(V) into lipid membranes. This  influenced binding with  enzyme sites in microorganisms. Some electron set for bonding groups present in ligands moieties display extensive biological activity that may be responsible for increase in hydrophobic character and liposolubility of supramolecular topologies of organometallic of assemblies; ultimately enhanced biological activity of OMCs-Bi(V).  


hydrophobic; liposolubility; supramolecular topologies; organometallic assemblies; molecules;

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