Microplastic in food chains

Trophic transfer of microplastics in zooplanktons towards its speculations on human health: A review

Monika Joon


Microplastics (MPs) are plastic pieces that are less than 5mm in size and originate either by fragmentation of bigger plastic pieces or are intentionally manufactured. The main sources of marine microplastic pollution are several anthropological activities like fishing industry, aquaculture, coastal tourism, household effluents etc. Various lower trophic level organisms in the marine world have been found to be mistaking microplastics for food. Detrimental effects due to ingested microplastics may arise due to their extremely slow degradability and capacity to act as carriers for organic pollutants; thus contributing to their bio-accumulation. The present review focuses on the various studies that prove uptake of microplastics by zooplanktonic species, its impacts and the potential broader biomedical implications looming over the future of human health.


Microplastics; zooplankton; primary consumer; bio-accumulated; ingestion.

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