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Metal toxicity

Toxic Metals: Health Effects, and Therapeutic Measures

Swaran J.S. Flora


Metal intoxication, thus is an important concern in the world today owing to high industrial and chemical exposure to humans. These metal toxicities have been extensively studies with underlying mechanisms revealed up to molecular levels. However, much emphasis and focus on managing these metal-induced toxic manifestations is the need of the hour. Chelation therapy has long been surrounded with debates and challenges for unanimous acceptance despite being the only option. Conventionally known chelating agents although show therapeutic efficacy, yet more specific and safer profile drugs are needed. Newer therapeutic strategies like combination therapy (administration of two chelating agents) or co-administration of chelating agent with antioxidants and/or essential metals needs to be clinically refined and implemented.


Toxic Metals; toxicity and health effects; Mechansim of action; Preventive and therapeutic measures

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