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Recent Advances in use of Semicarbazones as Anticonvulsant Agents: A Review

Sumitra Nain, Anu Sharma, HariOm Singh, Sarvesh Paliwal


Semicarbazone derivatives are most effective anticonvulsant agents. Anticonvulsant effect of numerous semicarbazone derivatives has been demonstrated in a wide range of preclinical anticonvulsant models.Semicarbazones and its analogs are versatile substrates and these have been utilized as constructing unit in the synthesis of various heterocyclic compounds. Semicarbazone derivatives have been used in obtaining new products that retains different biological activities. Here, we presented a detailed evaluation of semicarbazone derivatives for their significant anticonvulsant activity along with discussion of recent synthetic advancements in semicarbazones as anticonvulsants.


Semicarbazone derivatives; anticonvulsant activity; MES method; ScPTZ screen

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ISSN: 2394-2274  Journal of Biomedical and Therapeutic Sciences - International journal for Biomedical Research and Clinical studies advances