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Copper Nanoparticles catalyzed oxidation

Ethnopharmacological Damdei plant extract assisted synthesis of copper nanoparticles and evaluation in non-enzymatic kinetics of o-dianisidine oxidation

Henam Premananda Singh, Nikesh Gupta, Rakesh Kumar Sharma


Nanosize copper particles were prepared using Damdei green leaves extract without involving any harsh chemicals and special capping agent in aqueous phase. The particles are spherical with an average diameter of 5 nm as determined by HRTEM. These ensuing copper nanoparticles (NPs) possess significant catalytic potential for oxidation of o-dianisidine in presence of hydrogen peroxide. This oxidation reaction itself is extremely slow but the inclusion of copper NPs enhance the reaction rate efficiently even at room temperature. This report may be useful in analytical industries as well as clinical chemistry for successful estimation of hydrogen peroxide present in the surrounding environment.


Green approach; Damdei leaves; copper nanoparticles; oxidation; o-dianisidine; hydrogen peroxide

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