ayurveda Covid-19

Revisiting Indian traditional practices and assessing their role in the development of Immunity towards COVID-19

Chandhana Prakash


People's lifestyles changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The significance of hygiene was brought to the forefront, and people began to become more aware of specific hygiene practices. Hand sanitation, social distancing, isolation, and measures to enhance immunity were all recommended as preventive strategies. The importance of having a healthy immune system also came to the forefront. Traditional practices followed by people all over the world may serve as a guide to living a healthy lifestyle and provide numerous protective aspects in the transmission of infections. Apart from these routines, traditional eating habits that include the usage of diverse herbs and spices in our daily life have been shown to have components that increase immunity. This review will look at several Indian traditional practices to see if there is a scientific basis for them and if there is a link between them and the development of immunity in humans. The change in modern practices and eating habits from the traditional ways will also be compared and conclusions on how the changed lifestyle has led to a decrease in immunity in individuals will be made.


Traditional and Cultural Practices; Hygiene; Immunity; Eating Habits; COVID-19

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