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Development of synthetic methodologies in Ionic Liquids

Pedavenkata Narayana Reddy, Pannala Padmaja


This review outlines the development of few important synthetic transformations using ionic liquids as green solvents. The first part describes the Bi(OTf)3-[bmim]PF6 catalyzed formation of fused pyrano-and furanobenzopyrans. The second part discusses the Bi(OTf)3-[bmim]PF6 catalyzed synthesis of cis-aziridine carboxylates in [bmim]PF6. The third part describes the Rh2(OAc)4-catalyzed synthesis of cyclopropane carboxylates in [bmim]PF6. Finally the fourth part deals with a-halogenation of b-dicarbonyl compound and cyclic ketones with N-halosuccinimide in [bmim]PF6. The recovered ionic liquid containing catalyst was reused. The recovery of catalyst is facilitated by hydrophobic nature of [bmim]PF6.



Ionic Liquids; Green Solvents; Pyrano and Furanobenzopyrans; Aziriine carboxylates; Cyclopropane carboxylates; Halogenation

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