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organosulfur compounds

Studies on development of novel reagents and methods for the synthesis of organosulfur compounds

Lokesh Kumar Pandey, Uma Pathak


This review delineates the development of novel reagents and methods for synthetic transformation of organosulfur compounds. The first chapter is devoted to the literature information available on various aspects of organosulfur compounds related to their properties, applications and various methodologies employed for their synthesis. The second chapter deals with thionation of carbonyl compounds. This chapter focused mainly on the development of novel reagent and procedure for thioamide preparation. Fourth chapter is concerned with the development of solid supported reagents for organosulfur transformation. Fifth chapter includes the preparation of few important bio-active compounds. 


Microwave; Thiocarbonyl compounds; Thioamides; Solid Supported Reagents; Green Chemistry; Organosulfur Compounds

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