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ferns anatomy and morphology study

Studies in the morpho-anatomy, gametophytes and ecology of the ferns of Nadia district.

Sampa Ghose


An extensive and thorough floristic survey has revealed that twenty species of ferns now occur in Nadia district. Of these twenty species Acrostichum aureum, Pteris multifida, and Diplazium esculentum are rather recent emigrants into the district.Some ferns like Pseudodrynaria coronans and Doryopteris ludens were available in the mid-sixties but now a day they have become extinct in the district due to urbanization and conversion of vergin bushes into agricultural land. With a view to characterizing and circumscribing each taxon, the morpho-anatomical, palynological and gametophytic features of all the taxa have been studied and recorded meticulously. Pattern of distribution of each taxon and data relating to climatic condition have been recorded. The new knowledge of the structural properties has also been incorporated in the proposed new key to the identification of the ferns of the district.


Ferns; Nadia District; Morpho-anatomy; Palynology; Gametophytes

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