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Relativistic Gravity and Compact Binary Observations

Waleed El Hanafy


In the present work, we discusses the two-body problem in the context of General Relativity(GR) theory. Since binary pulsars represent a natural laboratory for testing relativistic field theories, it was interesting to study the problem of two bodies, in a strong field regime. Hence, this thesis is not only a complete review of the work done on binary pulsars but also, it includes an important step towards a more general solution to the problem of the strong field of the two bodies; which is still far beyond the reach of researchers. This is done by modifying Curzon solution to describe the field of binaries. A generalized formula for red shift and Shapiro time delay were derived including additional terms. Also, energy localization and the possibility of gravitational waves emission have been discussed. This thesis provides a necessary background for the relativists, astronomers and astrophysicists who work in the binary pulsars.


Relativistic two body problem; Binary pulsars; Redshift; Gravitational wave.

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