Review on Calix[4]Pyrrole: A versatile receptor

Hemangini Shah, Keyur D. Bhatt


This review is devoted to calix[4]pyrrole  a recent attraction by a wide community of research groups as a versatile recognizer and a selective and sensitive sensor. The binding properties of calix[4]pyrroles can be modulated by various structural modifications or by the change of solvent thus calix[4]pyrrole on attachment with appropriate groups behaves as a good candidate for recognition of moieties. From review it implicit that calix[4]pyrrole excellently act as  recognizer and sensor for both cation, anion as well as ditopic and molecular complexes with high selectivity as well as affinity compared to other simple ion receptor. Thus this review focuses on calix[4]pyrrole application as a versatile receptor for ions using various absorbance, fluorescence spectroscopic and colorimetric techniques over last few years.


Calix[4]pyrrole; Metal ions; Anion; Biomolecule;

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ISSN 2348 – 1889