novel route for synthesis (S)-Pregabalin

Enantioselective Michael Reaction of Nitromethane on Chalcones using Cu(acac)2: Sparteine as a Chiral Ligand: Concise Synthesis of (S)-Pregabalin

Mamojkumar Umaji Chopade, Anil U. Chopade, Milind D. Nikalje


A series of transition Metals-Sparteine as chiral ligand were facilely synthesized and applied for enantioselective Michael addition of nitromethane on chalcones to provide corresponding γ-nitroketone 3a with 88% yield. The corresponding adducts were obtained in good yields (80-92%) under simple and clean condition. Accordingly, we applied a novel route for synthesis (S)-Pregabalin.



Cu(acac)2: Sparteine; Michael addition; Nitromethane; Chalcones; Amino acids

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ISSN 2348 – 1889