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montmorillonite nanocatalysts

Recent advances in metal nanoparticles supported on Montmorillonite as catalysts for organic synthesis

Dipak Kumar Dutta


Nanostructured materials has appealed considerable attention due to their characteristic properties and applications in different fields. Metal nanoparticles supported on modified montmorillonite composites have led to the generation of new and novel heterogeneous ‘Nanocatalysts’, which are much more efficient than other catalysts and thus pave the way for developing sustainable environmentally benign catalysis and chemical procedures. Such nanocatalysts are progressing towards their use in chemical industries. This review presents the recent trend of advances in the synthesis and catalytic reactions of supported metal nanoparticles on acid activated montmorillonite. Metals nanoparticles-montmorillonite composites show efficient catalytic activities with high conversions and selectivity for hydrogenation, transfer hydrogenation, oxidations and coupling reactions. Raw montmorillonite possess no catalytic activity, however acid activated montmorillonite exhibits excellent acid catalytic activities.


Nanocatalysis; Heterogeous catalysis; Clay; Organic Synthesis; Nano;

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