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Soft oxometalates

Soft-oxometalates: Patterning and Catalysis

Subharanjan Biswas, Soumyajit Roy


Soft-oxometalates (SOMs), oxometalates with soft-matter properties have been designed in recent times, and are gaining importance. Owing to their soft nature they can be tuned, activated and patterned deliberately. These properties thus render them as active catalytic model systems. In this review we highlight photo-active catalytic properties of oxometalates. Using oxometalates we synthesize larger SOMs in a controlled manner and use them in catalysis as well. For exercising even higher control we pattern the oxometalates using thermo-optic tweezers. Thereafter we use these patterned systems in catalysis. We also will discuss the factors controlling the self-assembly of SOMs and those controlling the patterning. The review will conclude with perspectives for future directions and applications.


Soft-oxometalates; Photoactivity; Optical tweezers; Patterning; Catalysis.

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