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nano in food

Significance of nanotechnology advances in food processing and packaging: consequences on human health

Indu Nashier Gahlawat, Manisha Wadhwa nee Dabas, Poonam Lakra


Nanotechnology has revolutionized many scientific and industrial fields and has also made a good beginning in the food science and technology. Recent research has revealed enormous applications of nanomaterials for food processing and packaging. Nanomaterials brings a remarkable difference not only in terms of food quality but also in various health aspects. In food processing, it improves the sensory characteristics like taste, texture, and appearance, extends shelf life, enhances nutritional bioavailability of nutrients, and removes chemicals and pathogens from food. Nano food packaging technology extends food life due to high barrier packaging material and improves food safety. The application of nanosensors allows consumers to identify whether food is contaminated or spoiled. Controlled and continuous release of preservatives help to prolong the food's life in the package. The intelligent packaging nanomaterial can slow down product deterioration and can tell about product safety and quality. As research in nanotechnology continue to expand, its applicability to the food industry will increase further. The use of nanomaterials also raises a serious concern about the toxicity of nanoparticles in food. This necessitates more studies to establish their impact on health.


nanotechnology; food; packaging; sensor; biosensor; nutrition;

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