bistability of coumarin dye

Investigation on Optical Bistability and Excited State Absorption in Laser Grade Coumarin Dye

Pooja Saxena, Pooja Rani


The recent advances in science and technology have a great demand to study optical bistability behavior. There are certain processes that are based on nonlinear optical interactions of intense light with the use of suitable optical material. Optical bistability is one of the phenomena representing non-linearity in the systems of prime importance. The phenomenon varies with the choice of materials and environmental conditions. In this paper we have developed Coumarin-450 doped polymeric (PMMA) samples of the varying concentration. Efforts have been made to demonstrate the non-linear behavior of optical materials in solid form using 532 nm of Nd:YAG lasers. The nonlinearity in terms of optical-bistability and excited state absorption has been discussed.


optical bistability; excited state absorption; Fabry perot cavity; optical switching

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