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Investigation on synthesis, structural and electrical properties of Barium Stannate based complex Perovskites Ba1-xLaxSn1-xCoxO3

Manojit De, H S Tewari


The effect of La for Ba and Co for Sn substitution on the properties of Barium stanate i.e. solid solution of LaCoO3 with BaSnO3 of the type Ba1-xLaxSn1-xCoxO3 is investigated for x ≤ 0.30.The powders are prepared using high temperature solid state reaction method for composition x ≤ 0.30. The structural investigations of powders are taken at room temperature by powder X-ray diffractometer. XRD pattern of the samples show the formation of single phase material. Seebeck coefficient is almost constant with temperature and material exhibit p-type conduction. DC conductivity increases with the concentration of LaCoO3. Thermally activated small polaron hopping mechanism is the responsible for conduction in these samples.


Solid state ceramic method; XRD; Seebeck Coefficient; Small polaron hopping mechanism

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