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Optimization of concentration of MWCNT in terms of performance of prepared novel cathode material for energy storage

Shruti Agnihotri, A. L. Sharma


The successful synthesis of a novel cathode material Li2MnFeSiO4 (LMFS) was done using thestandardSol-Gel technique. To improve the electrical conductivity of cathode material different concentration (wt/wt) of MWCNT are incorporated into LMFS generating composite Li2MnFeSiO4/MWCNT via solution method. In order to achieve better electron passage to particle–particle boundaries, MWCNT is considered as one of the ideals and appropriate conductive additive. The Li2MnFeSiO4 nanoparticles are dispersed homogeneously in CNT's network and assembled as micro-sized porous spherical particles. Such special composite structure constructs an efficient Li+ and electron channel, which significantly enhance the Li-ion diffusion coefficient and reduced the charge transfer resistance, hence may lead to high electrical conductivity. Carbon nano tube not only deposited on the surface, but also provide theinterconnected network. This continuous conductive network enhances the electronic conductivity of the insertion/de-insertion cycles. Complex impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is used to estimate the electrical conductivity of prepared samples. The Li2MnFeSiO4/MWCNT with 12 wt% of CNT delivers highest electrical conductivity (i.e. ~10-3 Scm-1) which is at par with desire for the energy storage applications.


Cathode Material; MWCNT; Electronic Conductivity; Li- ion battery

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