Structural Investigations of Lithium Vanadoxide Bismo-Borate Glasses

Satish Khasa, Manjeet Dahiya, Ashish agarwal


The lithium vanadoxide bismuth borate glass system with composition (30-x)Li2O · xV2O5 · 50B2O3 · 20Bi2O3 (x=5, 10, 15)has been prepared with the traditional melt-quenching technique. The density measurements were performed using Archimedes Principal and using density data molar volume was calculated. To determine the oxygen covalency theoretical optical basicity was calculated. To get an idea about the structure FTIR spectroscopy was carried out in the mid-IR region. The spectra revealed absence of boroxol ring and presence of absorption bands corresponding to the combined contributions of tri and tetra borate stretching vibrations. The increasing basicity reveals decrease in the covalence nature of oxygen as we replace the Li2O content with V2O5. The decrease in molar volume may be due to the increase in compactness of the network structure.

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