Production of glucose syrup by the hydrolysis of starch made from rotten potato

Priyanka Yadav, C.B. Majumder


Glucose syrup production from rotten potato was investigated. The starch extracted from rotten potato after steeping for 12hrs and purified by sedimentation method and had the yield of 82.17%. The glucose recovered by enzymatic hydrolysis using alpha amylase produced 42.20g reducing sugar from rotten potato starch followed by the glucose recovered by acid hydrolysis using sulfuric acid solution produced 40.54g reducing sugar respectively. Starch from rotten potato exhibited good potential as a substrate for glucose syrup production.  Acid and enzymatic hydrolysis of rotten potato starch to glucose were investigated and compared. Enzymatic hydrolysis produced higher yield of glucose as compared to acid hydrolysis


Rotten potato starch; Hydrolysis; Alpha amylase; Glucose

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