Environmentally benign Iodometric method for estimation of copper

Shashi Chawla, R.K. Parashar, Renu Parashar


Copper is one of the most important metals as it is used in alloys as well as electric and electronic industry.  The composition of alloy strongly affects its properties. Instrumental methods are preferred for quickly finding composition of alloys. However, the main limitations in these methods are high cost of instruments and need for skilled supervision for maintenance & operations. To overcome limitations of instrumental analysis, to reduce the sample size and to reduce waste, a novel eco-friendly micro-titration method based on counting of number of drops is reported. Students learn chemical quantitative analysis and practice iodometry in their lab courses for estimation of copper. The green method was used along with conventional iodometry for training of first year UG students. The data of estimated copper using the two methods were collected and analyzed. Statistical comparison of the results of these methods shows fairly good agreement and indicates no significant difference in precision and accuracy.  The novel method is more environmentally benign as it helps in energy savings, a drastic reduction of reagent consumption, and less waste generation.


Green analytical Chemistry; Iodometry; Copper

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