Holonium doped glass

Optical absorption and fluorescence spectral analysis of Ho3+ ions doped zinc bismuth borate glasses

Manju Lather, Praveen Aghamkar, Sujata Sanghi


Zinc Bismuth Borate glasses doped with Holmium was prepared by normal melt quenching technique. Optical absorption and photoluminescence spectra of these glasses have been recorded at room temperature. The observed spectra have been analysed on the basis of Judd-Ofelt theory. From this theory various radiative properties such as radiative transition probability, branching ratio, radiative life time and stimulated emission cross-section for the prominent emission levels 5F35I8, 5F45I8, 5S25I8 and 5F55I8 have been evaluated.


Judd–Ofelt parameters; Radiative life-time; branching ratio; stimulated emission cross section; Ho3+ doped glasses

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