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Molecular modeling of Bi(V)-MCs derived from streptomycin derivatives: synthesis and spectroscopic studies

Rajni Johar, Rajiv Kumar Tomar, P. Mishra


Streptomycin (SM) derivatives (L1 and L2) were used for complexation with Bi(V). Originated coordination patterns in MCs-1 and MCs-2 along within the molecular models were characterized by various physiochemical, spectroscopic measurements and mathematical calculations i.e. IR, 1H NMR, UV-Vis, and molecular modeling. Electronic absorption spectra of SM derivatives (L1 and L2) and MCs proved complexation during MCs formation. Observed transitions were showed important shifting in relative intensities. The infra red behavior of MCs were indicative of band transfer. Binding abilities of donor atom(s) of ligands were highly dependable on different constraints of ligands and Bi(V) binding capabilities. These evidences were detected and discussed. Molecular modeling of MCs produced a clear picture regarding three dimension structure of SM derivatives (L1 and L2) and MCs regarding concerned bond lengths and angles.


Binding Abilities; IR Band Transfer; Intensities; Coordination patterns;

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