Ferrite materials: A chronological review

Leena Jaswal, Brijesh Singh


Ferrite is very important technological material having both electrical and magnetic properties. This paper represent some of the important developments in the study of ferrite. A review of ferrite study from 1909 to till date is presented here regarding science and technology of ferrite. The paper highlights the work of some great scientists like S.Hilpert, J.L. Snoek, Neel, Anderson, Goldman, Takashi Takei etc. The role of international conference on ferrites (ICF) is also given in this paper. Various illustrations given in this paper explains the history and applications of the ferrites. It gives an over view of ferrite study from bulk to nano scale preparations of ferrites. It is the need of the present day to prepare samples of ferrite with one composition using many available methods of preparation and compare the results of such studies. This will give useful data for the user and designer interested in ferrites for various application.


History and applications of Ferrites; Bulk and nano-ferrites; soft-ferrites; ferrites as a technological material; electrical and magnetic properties of ferritee.

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