water distribution system

Review of reliability indices of the water distribution system

Suja S. Nair, T R Neelakantan


Over the last few years, there has been a growing emphasis on reliability in water dissemination networks. The water supply network's dependability is crucial in today's water delivery system. The capacity of a water distribution network to fulfil requirements with significant pressure under normal and abnormal situations is referred to as system reliability. The development of a system for analyzing and enhancing the reliability of water delivery systems is underway. Enhanced options are offered to increase network dependability, and then an optimization study is used to choose the best upgrade option based on a predetermined goal function. Reliability does not rely on certain criteria. In today's world, computer-aided programs impact the simulation model and the water supply network study. This analysis shows the factors that can be utilized to determine dependability.


Water Network; Dependability; Availability; Mechanical Reliability; Hydraulic Reliability; Water Network Assessment

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