curved surface mathematics

Numerical study due to mixed convection nanofluid flow with the effect of velocity slip and thermal conductivity across curved stretching surface

Preeti Kaushik, Upendra Mishra


The current research investigates mixed convection across curved stretching surface. This analysis takes into account the effect of velocity slip as well as thermal conductivity. The boundary layer problem is expressed as a mathematical system of equations.  Equations in a non-dimensional form are derived by applying an appropriate similarity transformation. Matlab is employed to compute the numerical solutions of the highly nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations. For various values of relevant parameters, substantial variations in the velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles were found. Graphs and tables are used to illustrate the results. It has been shown that due to the rising value of curvature parameter the skin friction coefficient drops.


Mixed convection; Velocity Slip; Thermal conductivity; Curved stretching surface;

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