cloud computing security

A novel attribute based access control model with application in IaaS cloud

Dilawar Singh, Shweta Sinha, Vikas Thada


Cloud computing is viewed as one of the most dominant ideal models in the Information Technology industry nowadays. It offers new savvy administrations on-request like Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service. Nonetheless, with these administrations promising offices and advantages, there are yet various difficulties related to using cloud computing, for example, data security, maltreatment of cloud administrations, malicious insiders, and cyber-attacks. Among all security necessities of cloud computing, access control is one of the fundamental prerequisites to keep away from unapproved access to frameworks and safeguard association's resources. Albeit different access control models and policies have been grown for various conditions, these models may not satisfy the cloud's access control necessities. It used a portion of the PM's parts alongside a proof-of-idea execution to implement ABAC augmentation for OpenStack while keeping OpenStack's present RBAC design set up. This gives the advantages of upgrading access control flexibility with help of client attributes while limiting the upward of changing the current OpenStack access control structure. The use cases are presented to portray added advantages of the proposed model and show authorization results.


Cloud Computing; ABAC; Authorization; Authentication; Cloud IaaS; RBAC

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