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Design of efficient S-box for Advanced Encryption Standard

Sarita Devanand Sanap, Vijayshree More


In digital era, data security is a necessary requirement. To establish secure communication modern encryption techniques plays a vital role. By employing an efficient S-box constraints of area, power and speed are achievable. In this paper method for efficient S-box is presented which provides promising solution in terms of required constraints. Comparison of proposed method with other existing method is also done by implementing it on field programmable gate array .It shows that proposed method uses only 6.14% slices resulting 13% improvement in comparison with other methods. Reduction in LUTs are done by 12.42 % in proposed method. Thus optimization is achieved in terms of number of slices and number of LUTs. Delay and memory usage is also reduced significantly.


S-box; AES, Galois field; residue prime numbers; Field programmable gate array;

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