Analysis of high pressure properties of metals using equations of state

R.S. Singh, Deepti Sahrawat


 We have analysed the study of high pressure properties of metals using various equations of state. The results have been obtained for pressure P, isothermal bulk modulus K, and its derivatives K′ for four metals viz. Zinc (Zn), Lanthanum (La), Vanadium (V) and Niobium (Nb) at different values of compression V/V0 (0.5 to 1.0). The calculations have been performed using Modified Rydberg EOS (equation of state), Hama Suito EOS, Stacey Reciprocal K-primed EOS, Kushwah logarithmic EOS and Kushwah Exponential EOS. The results for various parameters show the systematic variations with the increase in pressure and compare well with the Stacey EOS.


High Pressure; Isothermal bulk modulus; Metals; Equation of State

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