cooling of smal cabin walls with cold water

A study on the characteristics of Cooling Load due to the heat absorption of cold water circulating inside the Ocher Walls of small Cabins of one person

Dong-Hyun Cho


This study was conducted to lay cold water X-L pipes inside the ocher walls of a cabin for one person and install cold water X-L pipes inside the cold water panels for radiant cooling with the absorption of thermal energy by the cold water for the first time at home and abroad. The air temperature distribution measured in an experimental study and the air temperature distribution shown in the results of simulations in this study were in good agreement. The air flow rate in the simulations was shown to be much lower than that of cooling by forced convective heat transfer, which is the existing cooling method. The results of simulations in this study verified that cooling is achieved by radiative heat transfer, which is beneficial to health. As the mass flow rate of the cold water circulating in the cold water X-L pipes increases, the air temperature inside the small cabin for one person decreased proportionally.


Ocher Walls; Cold Water; Cooling Load; Natural Convective Heat Transfer; Thermal Energy; Cold Water Panel

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