polymer-rubber blend properties

Synergistic effect of hybrid fillers on transport behavior of NR/EPDM blends

Manju V Nair, Anil Kumar S, Susan Joseph, Ajesh K Zachariah, Hanna J Maria, Sabu Thomas


Organically modified nanoclay (OMMT), silane modified halloysite nanotube (MHNT) and a hybrid of both modified nanoclay and halloysite nanotube were added to natural rubber (NR) and ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM) blend (60NR:40EPDM) matrix. The addition of these nanofillers affected the morphology and transport behaviour of the matrix considerably. The combinations of OMMT with MHNT having tubular morphology have shown specific result in synergistic behavior of solvent diffusion. The effect of nature of solvent and size of solvent molecule on the transport behavior of NR/EPDM blend nanocomposites in the presence of hybrid fillers were conducted. The cross-link density measurement and morphology analysis by TEM analysis confirms the filler networks and entrapped polymer chain segment. The quantity of immobilized polymer chain due to filler network formation has been determined by dynamic mechanical analysis and a nice connection was settled between the transport characteristics and polymer chain confinement. The analysis of swelling coefficients and diffusion parameters confirmed the excellent barrier property of NR/EPDM matrix filled with dual filler. The mode of transport through the rubber blend nanocomposites remained anomalous. Peppas-Sahlin model is well fitted with results.


rubber; blends; polymer; reinforcement; cross-link density;

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