Combretum micranthum Extract Lead toxicity

Effect of Combretum micranthum Methanol Leaf Extract against Exposure to Lead on Behavioral Activities in Mice

Zakariyya Mustapha Mohammed, Zainab Kassim Haruna, Zainab Isah Abdullahi, Sadiya Abba Hussein, Aminu Ibrahim, Binta Garba Kurfi, James D Habila, Mustapha Huguma Abdullahi, Ahmad Aliyu


This study examined the relationship between behavioural alterations in lead exposure and possible protective role of Combretum micranthum methanol leaf extract in mice. Thirty six (36) Swiss Albino mice (19 - 22g body weight) were used for the study, randomized equally into six groups and treated for the period 14days. The behavioural models employed in the study are: Open field test, hole board assay, mouse beam walk assay, and the staircase test. Result of the study indicated significant protective effect of the Combretum micranthum methanol extract against lead acetate, in terms of the behavioural tests carried out (0.01; p<0.05) when co-administered together. Findings of the present study suggested Combretum micranthum to be a potential plant in preventing the brain functional damage induced by lead administration.


Combretum micranthum; neuroprotective; lead acetate; toxicity, behavioural alterations; brain;

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