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Assessment of Anti-diabetic and Anti-oxidant activity of Murraya Koenigii extracts using in-vitro assays

Varsha Mehra, Manisha Khatri, Smita Mishra, Nitisha Singh, Nikita Sharma, Ritu Goswami, Nivedita Mehta, Namrata Samanth, Himanshu Gaur, Aparna Jaiswal, Pranshu Kothari, Pratishtha Chopra, Anusha Sarbhai, Ranjana Singh, Shikha Goel


Murraya koenigii, commonly known as curry leaves, is a regular ingredient used in Indian cuisines. Not only it is beneficial for health but also it is speculated to have various medicinal properties. Although a large number of phytochemicals have been identified and tested for various properties but no compound have been extended for drug design purpose. Present work conducted on Murraya koenigii illustrates its anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant activities using various biochemical tests. From various evaluated leaf extracts of M.koenigii, DCM and Ethanol extracts were the one which showed best activity for anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic assays.


Murraya koenigii; Phytochemical analysis; Free radical scavenging assay; É‘-amylase inhibition assay

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ISSN: 2394-2274  Journal of Biomedical and Therapeutic Sciences - International journal for Biomedical Research and Clinical studies advances