network topology

River formation dynamics routing protocol for wireless mesh network

Sharad Sharma, Nitisha Gupta


Routing in WMNs is the very critical component because of its dynamic nature. The routing rules enlarged for WMNs and build it self -organized system. We have to find the smallest near path evaluation within a specified time. Thus, requiring some nature inspired approaches which provide “good enough†results in a reasonable computing time. Basically in this paper proposes a Cost Evaluation module for integrated cost measurement in terms of some parameters. These parameters comprises per node as well as per flow parameters. We apply River Formation Dynamics approach based on nature inspired computing to evaluate shortest distance near paths. RFD is executed using Network Simulator (NS2). The performance results of this approach are compared with the AODV and DSR. The conclusion reveals that RFD technique performs better than AODV and DSR.


Integrated link cost; Nature inspired computing; 2 Simulator; River formation Dynamics; Wireless Mesh Network

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