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Synthesis and characterization of polymeric hydrogels for drug preparation and its release study

Nisarg K Prajapati, N.K. Patel, Vijay Kumar Sinha


The objective of this research is preparation of novel starch based hydrogel polymer. First extracted starch from the potato and purified. The etherification of starch was done by using mono chloro propionic acid. This improved controlled drug release property of etherified starch, the prepared gel have high water holding capacity, biocompatible and biodegradable on grafting with monomers 3-(acryloyloxy) 2-hydroxypropyle (2, 3- dihydroxypropyle) succinate monomer and 2-(acryloyloxy) propanoic acid resulted in etherified starch polymer matrix (hydrogel). The resulting hydrogel was used as drug carrier with loading a specific drug. The structure of hydrogel was conformed by using SEM and FTIR. Mass spectra for monomer reaction formation. 13C NMR of monomer for structure conformation. The results obtained in this research work clearly indicated improved drug life in the body for long period of time compared to ordinary drug.


2-(acryloyloxy) propanoic acid; grafting; hydrogel; starch

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