Evidence-based Physiotherapy- Self reported attitude and belief among physiotherapists: A cross-sectional study

Monika Moitra, Meghmala Neogi


Background: Evidence Based Practice is considered to be an essential component of clinical service delivery in healthcare. EBP is an outgrowth of evidence based medicine. Though there is increased awareness but still much has to be done. Many physical therapist professional organizations have identified EBP as priority.

Purpose of the study: To describe Physiotherapist’s self-reported Attitude and believe about Evidence based practice.

Method/Design: This study has been carried out as cross-sectional study among physiotherapists of India by a simple random sampling technique.Questionnaire were sent to the physiotherapists and the physiotherapists were instructed to be true while filling the questionnaire. For outcome measure Evidence Based Practice Attitude Scale has been used.

Result/Conclusion: Our result suggest that physical therapists have a generally positive regard and attitude for EBP and are interested in increasing their skills and the evidence used in their clinical practice.


Evidence Based; Practice; Physiotherapy; Attitude; Belief

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