fuel from algae

Algal Biofuel: A boon for society in future to solve Energy crisis

Prashant Singh, Satyam Bansal, Pratibha Singh, Roli Verma, R.S. Jagadish


Fossil fuel based energy resources (petroleum, coal and natural gas) are vanishing at a very faster rate to fulfill the demand of energy for growing population worldwide. So depletion of these resources will lead us to the chains of problems which may occur due to fuel shortage. It has been estimated that as per present uses, our coal reserves will be exhausted in 200 years and if we increase the use by 2%, then it will be vanished in 165 years. Therefore in such a condition sustainable and renewable energy resources are beneficial to solve the problem of energy crisis. Fortunately, our scientists have developed different categories of biodiesel as an alternative fuel to meet growing energy demands.  In recent scenario, they are focused on the algae as a raw material for biodiesel and which may be proved as a boon for the society in future. Biofuels play a vital role in mitigating CO2 emission, reducing global warming and bringing down the hike in oil prices. The biodegradable, renewable and non toxic nature of biodiesel has made it a recent attraction. The objective of the paper is to study the potential of microalgae as an alternative raw material for biodiesel generation that can be converted into fuel. Its easy availability, high mass productivity and faster lipid production have made it prior to all other alternatives for the raw material of biodiesel. Production of biodiesel from microalgae would be a greater alternative to oil crops due to economical instability, jeopardizing agricultural lands and insufficient oil crops. This article provide holistic review to enhance the production and commercialization of biodiesel by improving cultivation of different microalgal species, lipid content in various algal species, modes and efficiency of harvesting and trans-esterification methods.


Renewable fuel; algae; Biodiesel

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