Cotton seed biodiesel

Assessment of Diesel Engine Performance Using Cotton Seed Biodiesel

Puneet Verma, Varinder Mohan Singh


Environmental concerns and energy crisis of the world has led to the search of viable alternatives to conventional sources of fuel. FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is environment friendly, alternative, and nontoxic, safe, biodegradable has a high flash point and is also termed as Bio-Diesel. It is commonly produced by the process transesterification. For its production, establishment of suitable process, selection of proper feedstock and reaction parameters is of utmost importance in present scenario. This paper is an attempt to investigate diesel engine performance with cotton seed biodiesel. A higher BTE was found with the preheated with B20, B40 and B60 that 3.74%, 10.46%, 3.27% at full load more than that for diesel. Smoke was reduced with considerable factor when quantity of biodiesel is increased in pure diesel.


Biodiesel; Alternate Fuels; Engine Performance; Exhaust Emissions

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