History and applications of important Ferrites

Leena Thakur, Brijesh Singh


Ferrites are very important materials having both electrical and magnetic properties. These materials are used in various applications. The present work represent the history and application of some important ferrites called spinel ferrites. It gives overview of the earlier scientific works done by the pioneers in the field of ferrite preparation and characterization technology. All the important historical developments are given in this paper. It also focuses on the applications of spinel ferrites. These materials are important from technological view point and properties like physical structure, resistivity, dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, Curie temperature, magnetic susceptibility, initial permeability and magnetic loss factor etc. are to be investigated and there are no fixed rules framed which can be used to fabricate novel ferrites with all desired properties. Research field area has spread over hundred years now and will continue in the near future.


History of Ferrites; Applications of Ferrites; Electrical Properties of Ferrites; Magnetic Properties of Ferrites; Spinel Ferrites

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